Matami Tatami 2024

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Welcome to the Midnight Sun Film Festival!

Inexpensive and peaceful floor accommodation for women only €30/day.

Wed 12.6. - Mon 17.6.

Place: Tähtikunnan koulu (school),  Unarintie 33, Sodankylä

Opens: Wednesday at 12:00 and closes at 10:00 on Monday

Distances: bus station 1.1 km, cinema 1 km, Kitisenranta school 1.3 km

Bring your own sleeping bag or blanket

The price €30/day includes:

mattress and pillow and good toilet and changing facilities

small fridge to store your own snacks

Attention! A small cafe offering inexpensive porridge, coffee, tea, bread, buns etc.

Reservations in advance via this link

Any inquiries by email

Contact person: Inga Lokka

Tästä linkistä Varaukset majoitukseen 

Tähtikunnan koulu